Join Our Team!

We are looking for people who have distinguished themselves from their peers during their medical school and residency via their training programs, their research, and/or their level of patient care.  Most of our anesthesiologists have been with us for their whole career.  This provides stability for our group, for the facilities in which we serve, and for the surgeons we work beside.  While it is difficult to make such a commitment without spending time here to assure it is a good fit, we are looking for people who are of as similar mindset.

Our Locations

-Saint Joseph Health System – Mishawaka Center

  • New Hospital (2010)

  • Part of Large, Trinity Health System (Named Top 15 Health Systems)

  • Top Orthopedics hospital in region

  • Equal Mix of General, Vascular, ENT, GYN Cases


• Compensation based on the amount of work individually performed - the harder one works, the higher the pay 
• All anesthesiologists work under this model: equal pay from day one
• Equal sharing of collections (no segregation by payor class)




• Shareholder status in as few as 18 months.
• No “Buy-In”

Your Responsibilities

• Obtain Board Certification
• Call is evenly rotated among all anesthesiologists
• OB Call (in-house, 24/7) also evenly rotated